About the World of Thaea

The sun rises in the East, and sets in the West.  From this a great many other things might be deduced; at least so far as the manner in which mortals are apt to name the places they tread.  Whatever the locals might call them, the names invariably mean the same.  One needs a constant after all, amidst the vast irregularity of even one cosmos.  For our purposes, this will suffice.

Of course there will always be the odd obstinate world which insists to spin upon its side.  Fortunately, and almost always, no one lives there.  Still, this might be resolved, so long as one is content to call a year a day, bares little mind to compasses, or obnoxiously meandering suns.  Ah the sacrifices we make to reconcile an ever capricious existence.

There are a great many things about the world of Thaea that may differ from our own.  Most however, remain all too familiar.  There are people there, seemingly human, or human enough.  They eat, they sleep, they develop self deluded notions of their own importance, and further attach righteous truth to their own beliefs.  They have never heard a word of English, and I will beg your indulgence that any allusions to the contrary, are matters of further translation.  All this, such that places named with the unoriginality people are apt to use, shall be at times evident, or otherwise noticed, eventually.

After all our story begins in a little farm house near the borders of Avrale.  It lays a ways south of the ruins of Ashrook, quite aways north of a place called Broken Hill, and some distance from a small village named for a brook, where mint was once known to grow.

Here one can read occasional posts about the world of Thaea, and how things work there.  They will range from Demi-Canonical excerpts from books that might exist in the world, to more ‘out of character’ explanations of things in relation to our own world.


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