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With the final chapter of Book 1 now published, I thought I’d share my thoughts.  A small peak behind the curtain follows, so read if you like that kind of thing, or don’t if you prefer to maintain a deeper level of mystique.  Certainly finish Book 1:21 first!

This is far more about the author, and why the tale is as written, and not necessary to understand what is to come.  There may also be a very tiny spoiler in the middle for the highly observant, but it really is quite insignificant, and only a chapter away at that.

There are a lot of things that are tempting to say, now that I have released the final chapter of Book 1.  In many ways this is not where I expected to end up.  Yet there was always a certain inevitable gravity for the story to come full circle, and Book 1 to end where it all began; with a girl, a dragon, and a plan so crazy it just might work.

Titles and locations may vary, mechanics, reasons, and details are surely in play, but in the end, it all happened.  The mad scheme of a young caster to fight a dragon by exploiting a sister’s gift for invisibility.  The decision that an enchanted robe was a liability, not an asset.  Even the bumbling healer, who arrived with a proper party, and while trying to get a better view of the naked combatant, set the whole situation further sideways.  It actually did almost work.

Two decades have passed since that fateful and foolish encounter etched a character into my heart and mind.  Since I began to toy with ideas of the world that would foster her.  Well over a decade since I first wrote the opening to what is now Book 3.  Then long before even all that, a dream of another girl, another dragon, and yet another mad plan sowed the seeds.

There are so many things that had to happen to get to this point.  A vivid detailed dream of a young woman in a post apocalyptic conquered Earth (a book for another time…) The choice to make a wizard based on her.  A crazy gaming miss adventure gone sideways.  An off handed remark by a first love, and the doubt that the opening to Book 3 could frame the story I was writing correctly, however accurately it captured the characters involved.

The story of O&E is as complex as the world it gives us glimpses of.  I could go on at great length, and someday may, about how it all came to be.  Yet for now, I will suffice to defend a young woman’s right to foolish bravado as much as any man.  That if anyone gets stuck on the choice to (literally) disrobe because of who, and not regardless of who, it is far more their problem than mine.  After all, it really did happen, just that way.

With that covered, next Sunday the story continues in Book 2, Dust on the Winds.

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