Commentary I:5

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With Every Season…

Seasons was a very early concept, though it originally only lasted one year.

This first collision with Charles was where the boy originally came into being.  I think I knew from this point almost exactly how his future would play out.  But, you know, spoilers.  Yes this first moment of an odd, very specific difference between the twins was always here.

The Avatar, as far as I can remember, came in part and parcel with Roshana, and the Dragon War.  I’m not quite sure why I remember it that way, but I recall the idea of his ascension very well, and it was closely tied to how the dragon war turned.  He seemed a great point to glimpse some of the trouble around the Sisterhood, through two Lycians speaking of the the living demi-god of a rival faith.

Seasons was always meant to capture this winter and summer impact on the twin’s comfort.  Kiannae being at once troublesome and standoffish, and Katrisha throwing all decorum to the wind.  It’s a nice preview.  Mercu…is just Mercu.

Katirsha and Charles autumn encounter was the first of the new sections.  It was a nice bit of interplay between the two.  When self importance collides with the immovable object.  That odd juxtaposition of telling a girl not to hit back, because she might break the boy.  Fortunately she didn’t.

Wren and the wisps letting me bring in some fun hints, and earning Sasha a second appearance (in my head) long before she was named as the girl above in the courtyard.

The candy theft I think had existed in some other location, and gotten moved, but I’m fuzzy.

Then of course we wrap up with another mater of the weather, and Mercu’s philandering.  Curious thing, the word philandering has rather odd etymological roots.  A bit upside down from what you would expect.  Doesn’t seem like a word properly applied to a straight man.  Eh, language, what are you going to do.

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