Commentary I:8

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A Shadow Cast Backwards

One of the last chapters written new from whole cloth in Book I, this was the culmination of a need to smooth things out, and tie things together.  Rather than jumping on from political impact without really explaining it, we dive into the consequences head on, and draw out a lot of detail that had previously been missed.

This chapter really helped tie together the events of the bandit raid, with those that enter into future chapters.  Consequences, and political knock ons that ripple through the world, and play out in some way through the end of Book II.  It actually does make the early moves of Osyrae seem far more successful as I look back in retrospect, and the damage this chain reaction causes in the long run.

‘Yet what does that have to do with the price of silk in Nohlend?’  Positively everything, but that’s not the point, or certainly not worth much note to our story.  One of the first things we see here is a patterns of snooping.  This has some relevance to establish.  We also establish that however much of a nuisance Arlen is a functional, and accepted part of the inner circle of the court.  Which could have been ambiguous before.  A counter balance to the spiteful drunk we saw in Titles.

I can barely remember when I decided that the tower on Broken Hill was build on this ‘holy site’ of sorts.  It is a very old notion that has only grown more clear with time.  The importance utterly impossible to divine from this moment, that will tie with future events through several books.  Navi also has almost always had a certain clear relation to the underlying plot.  Though once more a passive manifestation, she wove herself into some interesting corners.


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