Afterword: Book II

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There will be new content over the next couple weeks, but a few extras will be the Sunday content while I try to get ahead on Book III tasks, including I hope a first pass at the cover.

In the event any new readers are discovering this post, consider starting with the two free novels already published Book I: Chapter 1, or with Book II with The Story so Far Book I.  There will be a The Story so Far Book II, coming soon.

Otherwise enjoy some commentary, or run away like a sensible person before an author goes on about their creation!  Run!


Well, there it is, Book II is done.  Now I can write the book I meant to in the first place.  Which I’m not even entirely sure how honest that is.  The world I have laid out is the one that gets me to where I first started.  Twin sisters who have become night and day, a missing mentor, and a quest that will draw our heroes ever closer to a peril that threatens everything they hold dear.

I say that I’m not sure how honest it is, because I’m no longer sure what that book would have looked like.  Certainly it would have looked a bit similar.  We will meet a lot of the same characters that have always been out there.  Yet the story itself, I’m not sure if I ever really knew, until an old woman grabbed hold of Katrisha’s arm, and uttered those fateful words

The legend I most often print is that I went backwards to draw a trajectory from where my heroes came from, to where I knew they were.  That I might then project where they were going.  That was part of the plan, but in all honesty, I did it more because I wasn’t comfortable that my original opening set the tone I meant it to, but nor was I willing to change it.

Now that re-introduction of Kat and Kia can I hope not give the wrong impression.  Just a more textured one that informs a different idea of what these books are.  That was worth seven years right? Right?  Wait seven?  Really?  Oh of course it would be.  Just like it wound up 49 chapters.  Seven chapters a year.  Huh.  Could be worse.  Any way.

It’s hard to even step back, and take it all into perspective.  I was twelve or thirteen (25 years ago) when I had a dream of a girl and a dragon.  Now mind you those two where allies, fighting invading robot overlords with flying cities, in a post apocalyptic Earth.  That’s not O&E, but it’s hard not to trace the psychological linage back through the chain of inspiration that created this world.  Particularly not when the story arc still describes; a girl, a dragon, and a plan so crazy it just might work.  Even if the meaning is turned on its head.

That girl became Cira, love interest to Raven of my Threads of Infinity saga.  Of which I have just oodles of notes, segments, chapters, partial drafts, historical explorations, and book plans that all went…well…no where.  The original idea of Cira became the image of K’at in my head when I started into my MMO days.  K’ia became her twin in head cannon.  I knew the two had grown up as orphans raised by a court mage.  Sweet harmless little K’it made it ‘the sisters three.’  An a approximation of a Shakespearean allusions.  Though K’it had always grown up separately.  Well, mostly sure that was always the idea in my head.†

A whole lot of very specific things had to happen to get to this moment.  Fifteen years after I first set out to write a novel about three siblings, setting out on a journey to find a missing mentor.  I find myself having finished two books that outline how we got there.  This wasn’t how anything was supposed to go, and yet we got exactly there anyway.

The meanings I had meant to impart are there, and so many more, and deeper.  The threats my heroes face as grand as I could have hoped.   Everything set to start, exactly how I always intended.  With a really terrible pun.  Heres to the two books I never entirely intended to write, and to those I still do.


†Very fun side note.  Kat was always supposed to wind up shorter than Kia.  A tiny brash powerful woman, and a rather tall, reserved powerful woman.  Clearly I like my damsels helpless, and flailing.  Sarcasm.  Through all the MMO playing I did over the years that informed the underlying inspiration for these characters, it might be entertaining to note that the joke has always been “how do we get here?” when it comes to the twins.  The most extreme non-cannon joke world that exists in my head, is one in which Katrisha and Kiannae are still twin sisters…but one is a gnome, and one is an elf.  It’s complicated!


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