Commentary I:14

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And a Terrible Cry Rang Out

The third chapter of the great expansion of Book I, after which we return to material closer to the original draft.  This is only slightly off the scales of the original imaginings of politics in the land.  A spark hitting fresh kindling.  This trouble has been building a long while, and plays well into the over arching theme of external pressures on the nation inflaming old rivalries to devestating result.

Writing the two mysterious figures was a bit of a strange experience.  In my notes I have code style comments for each speaker to identify who is talking, so I could keep track, but be sure to remove them.  I worry this means a reader might have trouble, but I think the content here is the point, more than who said what.  I just wanted to be sure I didn’t drop the ball in the process.

This coming dramatically to a head also allowed me to finally tie into core plot elements that we might not have seen till the end of the book otherwise, and far more vaguely then.  We have not seen the last of this power, and have only this first test of scale to go on, what it might be capable of.  That and Varmun’s implications.

Goodness, such brief comments for a not insubstantial chapter.  I guess avoiding spoilers sometimes has that effect.

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