Arcana: The Hand

Shown also reversed for symbolism.

The Hand, Pinnacle of The Lower Court (House of Peasants.) The card of Seers and prophecy by most tradition.  This card can be seen as an oddly literal interpretation of the esoteric: To see is to change.  To change is to see. A popular expression in mystical circles, but also surviving sin Clarion Proverb.

The hand is a card of action, and decisive choices. It is a card of schemes, and plans. Works, and follies. Ambitions, and doubt. Reversed this is a card of due caution, and observation. To see, before one acts.  To plan, and to consider.

It is most curious in some circles that the Eye is the mark of the Lower Court. The symbolism of a reversed Pinnacle taking precedence is a unique feature of the House.

The symbol itself has a curious history. Though the Eye of Vashiel nearly vanished from Ascension lands in the later pre-imperial period, Osyrean records attest to the symbol as a Pre-Ascension witch symbol, popular among seers in and around The City of the Sun. Though some claim that the symbol originates in north eastern Osyrae among desert nomads.

This is taken as further evidence of the elemental entity known as the Lady of the Sands, or Vashiel.  By claiming that both origins are true, and share the common root.

Another aspect often attributed to the Hand is that of gifted sight. Which is felt in the body, and seen in the mind, not with the eyes. This again echoes the idea of touching things, to see them. Changing them to know them.

It also accepts the innate flaw of all precognitive practice.  That by knowing the future we invariably change it.  Be it in confidence or doubt, misinterpretation or clearsighted understanding.  The covered face obscures the eyes.  What we saw may change by the time we see it again.

Traditionally it for the hand of the artist to be depicted in the image.


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