Commentary: Book I

For my own organizational purposes, if for no one else’s convenient use I’ve decided to build Commentary Indexes.  I say a bit about this in Commentary I:1, I’ve decided to take the opposite stance of many artists, and it’s not just about loving to hear myself talk.  Not just.

I’ve lost track of the number of times, or the amount of effort I have spent trying to track down lyric meanings because I have to go “Huh?”  I mean the mystery is great and all, and I think it is very much personal preference how deep anyone wants to go into this kind of stuff.  I’m also not telling you all everything.

As a general rule commentary should be mostly spoiler free up to the associated chapter.  I am human, and you are choosing to peak behind the curtain.  Your millage may vary.  Some times I may hit a nail more cleanly on the head than the chapter does, so you may realize things you hadn’t before.

Commentary is my chance to own that writing is a process, and how we get there is part of getting there.  Also how a story forms, can very much effect what that story is.  A statement that may get interesting as you look at the evolution through Book I and Book II.  Sometimes the story of the story, is part of the story.

Though I don’t guarantee the indexes will always be up to date (as I historically schedule multiple commentary posts ahead of time, and WP does not have an obvious way to pre-link scheduled content…)  Here you go:

  1. Behind the Curtain
  2. One Book, Two Book, Red Chapter, Blue Chapter
  3. A Not Flying Castle
  4. Stories in Lessons
  5. With Every Season…
  6. The Wedding, Knighting, and Other Titles
  7. A Ghost of a Chance
  8. A Shadow Cast Backwards
  9. The Song of Her Bow
  10. Event Horizon in Brief
  11. An Errant Chapter Makes Fools of Us All
  12. A Road Less Traveled
  13. A Tower by the Sea
  14. And a Terrible Cry Rang Out
  15. The Great Shuffle

One final bit of humor just in the naming.

Not all of these segments had been given titles before I put this list together.  Note that I:1 is “Behind the Curtain” a not overly original name, but it is a sentiment I have I think repeated about my commentary, so it made sense.  Then I looked at Commentary III:1, and it’s image.  Which isn’t quite a curtain, but eh.

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