Index: Book III (Active)

For all the futures left behind,
in the name of one we chase.

⁃ ◇ ❖ ◇ ⁃

Years have passed since the attempted coup on Broken Hill.  Allegiances, and loves caught in a stalemate of doubt, and political favor. A nation paralyzed from further decay by the inevitable intervention of the Council. A price paid in blood, to grind the world to a halt.

Laurel is missing, the appointed Court Mage not returned to his place,  The tenure of his apprentice grows untenable.  Things are moving, armies taking action, bandits on the road, and dire things lurk in every shadow. A Surge that great mages are feeling in their bones threatens an age of strife, and the will of the Council will at last be tested.

Yet who do you trust, when your memories are filled with shadows of things that never were, and those you love most seem to plot behind your back. Is the terrible prophecy of the storm a blessing a curse. If it is a power that could upset time itself, who can be trusted to hold it.

⁃ ◇ ❖ ◇ ⁃

  1. The Turning of Pages
  2. Artifacts
  3. Weathered Stones
  4. Bargains
  5. Archtangent
  6. The East Road
  7. Order Midst Chaos
  8. Honor Among Wolves
  9. The Bonds We Keep
  10. The Road Behind
  11. Shadows in the Sun
  12. The Autumn Shard
  13. If All Else Fails
  14. Roshanara’s Call
  15. Borderlands
  16. Summer’s Shadow
  17. The Red Court
  18. Plans to Dust
  19. City of Mages
  20. The Council’s Charge
  21. The Wren and the Lark
  22. By the Numbers
  23. Spirals
  24. Representation

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