Index: Book VI (Complete)

For those lost,
may they yet be found.

Note: Covers for books IV, V, & VI, TBD and will be placeholders. Alas cover art is a time intensive process, but I’ve been working on an improved art pipeline for a while.

⁃ ◇ ❖ ◇ ⁃

The world of Thaea is stumbling towards war, though those once unimagined, seem most urgent to come. 

When signs pointed north, fickle fate dragged a family farther east. When dragons intervened, theirs power were laid humble. When the Avatar spoke, he named a Sister, and a Brother. A great cycle is carrying a journey back towards the setting Sun, if the winds will carry them.

In the west, Nohlend has fallen into open conflict with Sylvans, and begs aid from all who will come. Rumors circle of Red Sails on the North Sea, threatening to block vital trade. Rebellion, and schemers yet lurk in the east, as a dead woman, emerges from the south.

Time itself lays fractured, as the Council devolves into futile bickering. The shadow of Osyrae yet looms, and their part in growing conflicts cannot be safely ignored, any longer.

The Age of Stormfall has only just begun, and a prophecy never clear, looms ever closer. A fate twins swore to cheat, may have already been swindled, and the death of gods, may only herald a call for new contenders, to an ancient struggle, for fate itself.

Pieces are missing in a puzzle, and the best place to hide a thing everyone seeks, remains in plain sight.

⁃ ◇ ❖ ◇ ⁃

  1. The Turning Wheel
  2. Insoluble Iniquity
  3. What Winds Might Carry Us
  4. Exile or Service
  5. The Wake
  6. Sign of the Eclipse
  7. Broken Symmetry
  8. The Dancer’s Call
  9. A Shoal of Souls
  10. Shadows of the Walls
  11. The Measure of a Wyrm
  12. Upon A Clockwork Sky
  13. The Silver Thread
  14. The Sun, the Moon, and the Sea
  15. Parting Wagers
  16. The Bees and the Trees
  17. The Shape of Things
  18. The Chosen and Choice
  19. That Wished and Willed
  20. The Company of Animals
  21. What Path Have They
  22. Burdens to Bear
  23. Something Inside
  24. The Key and Lock
  25. Allegiance Belied
  26. Not All that Grows
  27. What is Written
  28. A Price in Silver
  29. Of Silver and White
  30. Shadows of Shame
  31. Salvageable Wrecks
  32. A Path in Motion
  33. Ripples in the Stream
  34. To Be Seen
  35. What Words Suffice
  36. The Best Medicine
  37. The Spiral
  38. Orders of Precedence
  39. Bonds as Spoken
  40. A Scratch at the Door
  41. To Whence it Came
  42. Honor Has Left Us
  43. Scars Laid Bare
  44. The Roots of Mother Tree

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