About: Order and Entropy

A sprawling world of power, prophecy, and politics awaits.  Three children are cast into the royal affairs of a small nation caught between the power brokers of their world.  A land locked in a cold war fueled by magic, dragons, and faith.

From the beginning the forces of fate spiraling around the Ashton’s will hint at a larger picture, even as they struggle to grow up, and find themselves in a world as intent to curse them, as hand them mixed blessings.  They will learn their gifts can be curses, and that great power is never free.

Decades in the making, the four planned books of the Storm Cycle remain a work in progress.  Two completed books are in draft stages, a third started, and the ending of the fourth already written.  I have decided to release the chapters of Book 1 in serial format to begin building a following for the story, and eventually hope to release final versions as full books with professional editing.

Though the story told is set, these pages are self edited, and corrections, and suggestion are welcome.  Thank you, and enjoy.

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