Katrisha a Portrait in Iteration

I’ve tried many times over the years to capture this very particular creature. Kat is full of visual challenges. Catching the exact shape of her cheeks and nose, that particular light-olive skin that is very frustrating to not make look either too pink, gray, yellow, or dark. Hair that is metallic, eyes a little slanted, and pupils a little slit. Lets say it’s still not perfect, but it’s closer than I’ve been… and I really need to share more of these attempts, and experiments.

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A History of Thaea: The Osyraen Period

750 B.E. – 500 B.E.

I’ll admit I’ve decided a few new things in writing this up, and reserve the right to correct any problems I find later. It is all written intentionally vaguely, but this is in part because there is a lot of lost, or confusing history and disagreement intended. Meant to echo subtle things such as the unlikely ages of some biblical figures, or the doubtful authenticity of any aspect of arthurian legend, but all are more likely true(r) in this context.

I intend this to be something of a living document as I track down little things I have (somewhere,) but also part of a series tackling different epochs of world history.

This is none the less, largely codifying my operating understanding of the history of the world, with a few flourishes along the way.

Though exact dates for anything much before 200 B.E. are hotly debated by scholarly circles, most are willing to oblige approximate decades of various significant historical events as far back as the commonly given 750 B.E. for the founding of Osyrae, and the declaration of Osir as King (Koning.)

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A Rhan’s Eye View

So, I’ve been working on a map I would be happy to show for a while. Some might have noticed a featured image on the previous commentary which was taken from the larger map. I’ve a lot more to write up on it, but I thought I’d share this more inclusive view. I’m not sure I have the equatorial scale of the continent facing us right, as it’s been roughed onto the circle to simulate a sphere manually. It should still be fairly close… maybe 20% variance.

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Book III Extra: Walking Up Other Paths

More scraps I had set aside from exploring events at the Red Cloister, that I stumbled on closing tabs. These were from Wren and Etore’s encounter with the Matrons, and trip up the path. Again, perhaps these played out this way in some other world, but I went another way.

Some of it may be familiar because we did cover most of this ground other ways, or chapters. I really have lost track of what all did or did not make the cut in some form. I welcome any to compare and contrast with the published chapter, and see where I repurposed things. Some of which may have fallen in later chapters in the end.

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Book III Extra: Shifting Visions

My writing process has a tendency to leave a lot of tabs open. Various chapters, or sections cut out and tucked away. I was going through and closing excess out, and stumbled across this.

Not everything makes the cut as first written, even if it still fits the vision. Back at the Red Cloister I had an alternate version of Estae’s ‘confrontation’ with the Matrons, but things worked out a bit differently for logistical reasons, and to change them up. I didn’t have the right set up for the scene. As such this lacks an introduction to get Kiannae into the Matron’s council chamber. Which is where it takes place.

Of course as things work in the world this is still, lets call it, semi canonical. In some iteration it might have played out almost like this, and I do not think anything is revealed here that is well out of implications made since. Of course it might be ambiguous who is playing different roles in this world. The biggest flaw being the implication that this is the final iteration, but again, who’s to say if the word of a god can be trusted. It might simply be the lead up to such a final iteration. It’s been implied someone ran out the clock as it were.

It occurs to me that phrasing is not well established in the world, but I don’t think it’s unreasonable to establish such a case. Lots of competitions could still contain timed elements, possible for the opponent to manipulate, even though to us its a bit of a modern sports metaphor. Indeed simply making very contrary moves in chess at a master level could create consternation, and run out the clock.

Any way, figured I’d share so people could compare and contrast with the version I chose to go with. As it seems a lot of my readership is those interested in commentary, and writing process. I actually get more engagements on commentary, after all.

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A Game by Many Names

This weeks chapter gets a pre-commentary about the title. Which while entirely prosaic and uninteresting in origin, did inspire me down a familiar (if somewhat different) rabbit hole.† I also admit I may have read this name somewhere as a one off joke I interpreted to mean roughly where I’ve gone (possibly a webcomic.) Though I cannot identify a source. There is a further key bit of inspiration in the following gaming joke: d4s are basically caltrops.

† Now mind you, unless I thought of a proper origin for it, rabbit hole is an expression that should never appear in context of the world of Thaea (origin Alice in Wonderland.) Oh well, this is commentary. Also in the very unlikely event anyone didn’t get where this is going Degresses, Digresses, Snakes, & the Occasional Climbing Implement, may be involved. Strangely this is not a caving expedition, any allusions to the burrows of adorable fluffy mammals aside.

Pilgrims & Paths generally speaking is a children’s game. Though this is the most common name by a small margin Travelers (rarely Wanderers,) and Jacks (Caltrops, or more rarely Stars) may fill in the blanks depending on who you ask. Some (very rarely) refer to the game simply as Ascension, but that can cause confusion with other games. In all irony this final name is most common when it is played illicitly by youth in a cloister, or Palentian soldiers in a barracks, as a form of gambling.

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Broken Hill: The Keep and Upper Court

I’ve long had a pretty strong understanding of the layout and structure of broken hill, and have decided I need to start sharing more of these works in progress. I’ll probably get the regular commentary up later in the week.

I started back in 2015-2016 building out a version of this that is a little farther along, but had issues that made it hard to finish (and solve) than start over using the tools in Sketch Up a bit better.

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