Commentary III:16

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Well That Happened

I’ve been feeling something like this coming for a while now, and I’d like to apologize for some sloppy editing on this chapter (that I hopefully cleaned up the Monday after.) Partly I’ve been letting myself get distracted playing with art I’m not ready to share yet, and partly…this was not according to plan, sort of…

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Chapter III:16

Measured was she of shepherdess staff,
slow ever her anger but also her laugh,
oh kind was she of autumn’s placid land,
oh stern to reprove the every lost lamb,
saw purpose to men but laid them low,
a pride ever wounded a mortal blow,
oh wise the Queen Elise of the sun,
though in evening, she could be fun,
harvest, harvest through glorious light,
oh revel proudly
midst this pale night.

– Elise of Autumn, 32 B.E.

Summer’s Shadow

Rhaeus 28th, 655 E.R.

“You’re early,” Etore said without taking her eyes off a line of rolling hills.

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Commentary III:15

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The Reign in Corinthia Falls Mostly on the Plane

Yes, that’s intentionally a busted title.  I had a moment of hating english as I suddenly doubted between plane, and plain.  I mean, plains, are nearly planar, but are not planes, and if you look up plain in some dictionaries the definition of, ‘a large area of flat land’ can be hard to catch sandwiched somewhere between “boring” and some archaic relative of “complain.”

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Chapter III:15

Watch for hollow eyes and vacant stares,
clever words woven freely without a care,
misfortune follows foolish fumbled steps,
yet for every suffering they are no less,
beware the tracks of anguished tears,
trails of the soulless, who show no fear.

– The Broken-Ones, circa 30 B.E.


Rhaeus 26th, 655 E.R.

Scattered small towns in western Corinthia welcomed a caravan gladly, but none held them longer than a day. A pace hurried on, with an urgency to be done with the latest risky venture. Yet, wildlands seemed an exaggeration. It wasn’t a desert. No raging elementals to be seen, tearing across hill and plain. Most of it was quite lovely really. A shallow rolling countryside, interspersed with white granite mesas, carved away in some past epoch. Some even topped in dense green forests no foot could ever easily reach.

Old ruins stood along the road, many overgrown with fresh foliage. Entire ancient cities, and castles abandoned, or populated by a handful of reclusive hermits. Most had left centuries ahead of the scar, the whole region almost bled dry of people. Among those who remained, a suppressed sense of Clarion influence could be felt in most towns. Ones who did not speak openly of their faith, for Lycia controlled the region by law. While Corinthians had fled, foreigners had come. Gathered to lived near the Scar, to pilgrimage there. Even to act as guides to the doorstep of the fallen capital, and a shrine built to countless dead, and the Avatar’s rise.

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Index: Book III (Active)


For all the futures left behind,
in the name of one we chase.

⁃ ◇ ❖ ◇ ⁃

Years have passed since the attempted coup on Broken Hill.  Allegiances, and loves caught in a stalemate of doubt, and political favor. A nation paralyzed from further decay by the inevitable intervention of the Council. A price paid in blood, to grind the world to a halt.

Laurel is missing, the appointed Court Mage not returned to his place,  The tenure of his apprentice grows untenable.  Things are moving, armies taking action, bandits on the road, and dire things lurk in every shadow. A Surge that great mages are feeling in their bones threatens an age of strife, and the will of the Council will at last be tested.

Yet who do you trust, when your memories are filled with shadows of things that never were, and those you love most seem to plot behind your back. Is the terrible prophecy of the storm a blessing a curse. If it is a power that could upset time itself, who can be trusted to hold it.

⁃ ◇ ❖ ◇ ⁃

  1. The Turning of Pages
  2. Artifacts
  3. Weathered Stones
  4. Bargains
  5. Archtangent
  6. The East Road
  7. Order Midst Chaos
  8. Honor Among Wolves
  9. The Bonds We Keep
  10. The Road Behind
  11. Shadows in the Sun
  12. The Autumn Shard
  13. If All Else Fails
  14. Roshanara’s Call
  15. Borderlands
  16. Summer’s Shadow
  17. The Red Court
  18. Plans to Dust
  19. City of Mages


Chapter III:14

A light there stands ‘bove eastern plain,
a timeless testament to hope and pain,

cold stone in likeness of a noble hand,
by flame calls the weary time ‘n again,

oh such pride that ancient mixing pot,
where downtrodden found new lot,

a statue stands where towers never fell,
in Torchlight the lost my at last be well.

– Roshanara, 93 E.R.

Roshanara’s Call

Rhaeus 16th, 655 E.R.

Zale sighed.

Kiannae was sitting among cargo crates at the rear of a wagon roof, and he was riding backwards halfway to the front. He had followed her up after noticing her climb on an unexpected coach. Questions as to why she was riding that one, were met only with deflection. Claims she just liked riding there, and the roof of her wagon was full. A lie, he was fairly sure, and nothing to say why she had chosen the caravan master’s. Though he’d caught enough to know they were acquaintances of some sort.

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